Links of Possible Interest

The Club - Houston

Houston's Original Gay Mens Heath Spa, offering an outside pool, weight & exercise room, and much more!

Midtown Spa

Another Gay male health spa in Houston, offering an indoor pool, erotic dancers, and special theme rooms.

Centaur Music

Circuit Music CD's. A must have for any Gay Music Collection.

Webs and Vids Online

The most complete listing of Gay Male Porno Links we have found. CHECK THIS OUT!


A FREE Gay Chat Room. I've been told a lot of P.S. Customers hang here!


Lots of Gay/Lesbian links of interest.


3400 Alcoholic Drink Recipes.

Jumbo Shareware and Freeware

Plenty of stuff for your downloading pleasure!

City of Houston

Houston's home page. Lots of info about Houston!


Find directions to Pacific Street, or any other place.

Movie Link

Want to see a movie? Don't feel like calling on the phone? Check this out! Be warned: Times are not always the most acurate.

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